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Coronavirus vaccine likely to last "months" or best case not lik
posted: 3 mins., 17 secs ago by AngryCodger
"Coronavirus vaccine likely to last "months" or best case not likely more than a year, according to Dr. Anthony Fauci. So how long do we stay locked down now? What do we do when the feared "second wave" comes around? Repeat the mistakes we made during the first wave?..."
Possible more charges in Minneapolis
posted: 4 hrs ago by billybob
"Possible more charges in Minneapolis Early this afternoon Minnesota Attorney General Keith Ellison will announce his decision regarding more charges against all the officers that were standing over George Floyd when he died. Separate and apart from that is the situation on Monday night where German TV reporter Stefan Simons who was getting ready to broadcast when he was struck in the back by projectiles being shot by officers in the Minneapolis Policr Dept. Unclear if the AG is also looking into th..."
Quieter night
posted: 6 hrs ago by DennisinMH
"Quieter night Except a house on West Martin St. In South End was set on fire... in broad daylight about 11 am. But, on the positive side, 9 people have been arrested for looting and mob action in Peoria. A diverse group based on pics, not all one race. 4 people were arrested for looting, mob action, and more for breaking into Target in Bloomington...."
History of the Peoria Park District
posted: 20 hrs ago by bwiser
"History of the Peoria Park District PBS tonight at 7..."
Any issues going to the store today? I could use some groceries.
posted: 1 day, 4 hrs ago by SAM1096
"Any issues going to the store today? I could use some groceries...."
Virus Surcharge Ridiculous
posted: 1 day, 5 hrs ago by Sonny76
"Virus Surcharge Ridiculous I read that many restaurants are adding a virus surcharge because they lost business. The virus wasn't my fault. I myself have lost almost $5k so far so does this mean as a musician should I tell folks my fee will be an extra $25 for a virus surcharge? Ridiculous!..."
Curious to hear your thoughts...
posted: 1 day, 5 hrs ago by AngryCodger
"Curious to hear your thoughts... Are any of the forum members who a couple of weeks ago were wishing viral infection and death on the protesters who were largely peaceful and only wanting a haircut that they were willing to pay for going to wish the same thing on the protesters and looters (two separate groups) who have been active this past week after the death of George Floyd? I didn't see a lot of social distancing or preventative measures being taken. I'll wait a few days to hear your answer. T..."

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