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Open to suggestions Peoria Resume

Open to suggestions Peoria Resume

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Seeking Job: Open To Suggestions
Position Desired: Open to suggestions

Cover Letter:
I graduated with a Bachelor of Science degree in Recreation, Park and Tourism Administration at Western Illinois University, during that time I came to develop and interest in Special Event Planning and Management and would like to be considered for a position in you company. After acquiring experience in my previous positions, I believe that my ability to create, problem solve, along with my responsible work ethic and my effective and efficient way to deal with the customers and client needs, will make me a reasonable candidate for the position.
My previous position as the assistant marketing director to the Camp Rocky organization has given me the great opportunity to develop my leadership skills, and the rare chance to interact with a diverse group of individuals. Being in that position gave me the ability to interdepartmentalize collaborations to accomplish goals of that organization, define the mission of the course and design a small portfolio. Being a part of that program also helped my skills in seeking out new clients with technological and marketing synergies with an existing product.
Working in this field of study has given me the privilege to gain more knowledge in the area of special events. For example in my facilities management course I headed the parking committee for the Prairie Land Conservancy Charity Event. As part of my responsibilities I met with and gathered ideas from my team members, collaborated with the other groups and designed a detailed layout and plan for that area of the event. Also as the marketing head of the Student Urban Music Association (S.U.M.A.) I have the responsibilities of meeting with our artist and graphic designers to create opportunities to share their talent to the university community. These are but a few instances out of several that have applied me with new skills such as proposing a park district profile that consist of the history of the park, staffing and organizational charts, budget and program summaries

Desired Compensation / Salary:

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Last Updated: Jun 23, 2014 @ 1:47pm

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