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Peoria Blogs - Peoria, IL

Peoria Blogs - Peoria, IL

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Wolmen's march great except...
by: Peoria Story ~ 1 day, 0 hrs ago.
EAST PEORIA, IL -- The Central Illinois Women's March to the Polls on Jan. 20 was a huge success, except for the incident near its conclusion. ...

Kroger Closings?
by: Merle Widmer's PEORIA WATCH ~ 1 day, 18 hrs ago.
Should have seen it coming. Former customers doing more shopping online, at Target and Aldis  No such thing as a Mom and Pop store anymore.  A big change came and wiped them all out. Maybe an Aldis of a Sa...

Democrats and a Few Republicans Block Spending Bill
by: Merle Widmer's PEORIA WATCH ~ 1 day, 19 hrs ago.
Ok, shutdown the Government. Most of us will survive for a couple of months. More time for readers to read my factual blogs.......

On Vulgarity - Peoria's Public Libraries Biggest Movers Are Romance Books
by: Merle Widmer's PEORIA WATCH ~ 1 day, 22 hrs ago.
Many contain extreme vulgarity and every type of sex act described in most intimate detail .I started to say that in one of my blogs but left out what I meant to say. Now I can't find the blog.Also mis-pelled Ba...

Here We Go Again
by: Vonster ~ 3 days, 1 hr ago.
A few people in ***** hats and vagina costumes will stomp their feet to keep warm in the cold this Saturday (1/20) at Riverfront Park in East Peoria. ......

Trump's Low Global Approval? Easy To Explain
by: Merle Widmer's PEORIA WATCH ~ 3 days, 2 hrs ago.
He's taking away the 'goodies' they have been stealing from the U.S.A. Taxpayers 'Cookie Jar'.No one likes it when a lot of their 'goodies' are taken back. Also explains the militant blac...

PIA Passenger Traffic Up 2% in 2017
by: Peoria Station ~ 3 days, 18 hrs ago.
Peoria International Airport posted its third-best passenger tally in 2017. The Peoria Journal Star reported Wednesday night that traffic was up two percent in 2017 with 635,003 passengers. I was close with my ...

Women's March on Saturday, Jan. 20
by: Peoria Story ~ 3 days, 22 hrs ago.
EAST PEORIA, IL -- From a press release: Area Groups to Host Women’s March to the...

Heart Problems. President Trump? No Big Problem - I'm 92 - Read On
by: Merle Widmer's PEORIA WATCH ~ 3 days, 23 hrs ago.
Darin LaHood, pass this message on to the President. Thank you, Darin, and I support your efforts to make 'America Great Again'.On December 27, 2004, I underwent a triple-bypass. In October, 2005, I traveled...

Pere Marquette and Marriott Courtyard Construction (JS, 4/25/12)
by: Merle Widmer's PEORIA WATCH ~ 4 days ago.
The JSEB wrote,."Construction of a new hotel in not lacking in justification. Absent from Peoria's Downtown is the kind of upscale Convention hotel that East Peoria has, for example, in it's Embassy Suites, ...

Retiring, Thank Goodness, Jeff Flake Is am Arizona 'Major 'Nutcase'
by: Merle Widmer's PEORIA WATCH ~ 4 days ago.
His retirement helps clean the 'swamp' in D.C. Thanks, Jeff......

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