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Galesburg Zephyr!
by: Peoria Station ~ 9 hrs. ago.
Check this out!Nickel Plate Road steam locomotive no. 765 will operate The Galesburg Zephyr between Union Station and Galesburg, Illinois for the Galesburg Railroad Days. These all-day, round-trip excursions will fe...

844# is a New Scam. At Least it Appears So
by: Merle Widmer's PEORIA WATCH ~ 23 hrs. ago.
Don't call 844#. It's a scam and they will take all your info. Just shut down your computer and start over again. That's what I di......

Riverfront Park at District 150 Board Meeting
by: Peoria Story ~ 1 day, 4 hrs. ago.
PEORIA, IL -- The public comments at the Peoria School District 150 Board meeting on May 23 were long delayed, and brief but important.r...

Ray LaHood Int’l Terminal Photo Gallery
by: Peoria Station ~ 1 day, 9 hrs. ago.
Photos taken at the new Ray LaHood International Terminal at Peoria during yesterday’s public tours. Gate numbers 12 and 14. Both are jetway-equipped, and the latter is likely for international flights. Peoria...

Delta Connection to End CIRA-Detroit!
by: Peoria Station ~ 1 day, 21 hrs. ago.
Bloomington-Normal’s air service takes a hit this summer.One of my readers gave me a heads up this morning that Endeavor Air dba Delta Connection is discontinuing its Detroit flights out of Central Illinois Re...

Quote of the Week
by: Vonster ~ 2 days, 1 hr. ago.
"A wise and frugal government, which shall restrain men from injuring one another, shall leave them otherwise free to regulate their own pursuits of industry and improvement, and shall not take from the mouth of lab...

Ray Lahood Int’l Terminal Tour (Updated)
by: Peoria Station ~ 2 days, 4 hrs. ago.
I took the tour this morning, and I recommend it to everyone! Being an FIS facility, photography was discouraged, but the media was allowed to capture some scenes from inside. See this video on WMBD TV-31’s we...

NKP 765 at Galesburg Railroad Days?
by: Peoria Station ~ 4 days ago.
Various sources seem to confirm that Nickel Plate 765 is coming to Galesburg this year for Railroad Days!The 2-8-4 Berkshire-type steam locomotive is set to appear at Franklin Park Railroad Days on Saturday, June 11...

Trump is in Business to Make Money. Aren't We All?? He is NOT President!!
by: Merle Widmer's PEORIA WATCH ~ 5 days ago.
Isn't most everyone working, investing, or sucking on the government tit to make money? Or at least living doing something or collecting something to break even?  If we weren't, all the country would be...

Peoria Radio
by: Vonster ~ 6 days ago.
This is a place holder for my upcoming deconstruction of local radio. No one is safe.Contributors welcome.vonstercomments@aol.comGet your flames ready.......

The Latest Hate Hoax Exposed
by: Vonster ~ 1 week, 1 day ago.
Gay Pastor admits he staged gay slur on cake from Whole Foods: e-foods-accuser-drops-lawsuit-over- cake/196619953......

Dear God, Tell These BluNoses and Idiot Politicians to LEGALIZE MARIJUNIA
by: Merle Widmer's PEORIA WATCH ~ 1 week, 4 days ago.
It's not working if only the bluenoses and phony politicians and overly religious types would get out and see for themselves. Don't believe everything your kids tell you. They have had plenty of role models ...

Black Lives Matter - Trump and I Say ALL Lives Matter
by: Merle Widmer's PEORIA WATCH ~ 1 week, 4 days ago.
(To a point. Maybe everyone in the world at  least till perhaps the age of 10).Members of this group of "Black Lives Matter" want cops to be killed and they didn't care how.. I want to s'martter these "...

Want To Get Rid of Your Spouse??
by: Merle Widmer's PEORIA WATCH ~ 1 week, 4 days ago.
One way appears to be to go on a cruise with them. On the other hand, if the spouse is mentally sick, the spouse may "off" themselves to try to put the blame on the surviving spouse.A "loving" partner disappearing a...

BNSF & Union Pacific Trains – 5/10/16
by: Peoria Station ~ 1 week, 6 days ago.
Tuesday, I caught both BNSF and Union Pacific freights leaving Peoria. First, was Union Pacific’s MPECL at Reservoir Blvd. Slow speed was probably due to signal problems. The 45-car train was led by UP 4184 &a...

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