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Kiss. My. Nuts.
by: Peoria Pundit ~ 21 hrs ago.

I Believe It Was Hillary Clinton Who Tried to Kiss me on the Mouth While Her Hand Was on My Knee
by: Merle Widmer's PEORIA WATCH ~ 2 days, 1 hr ago.
It was a few years ago when I was on a flight to Brazil, yes, I've walked the beach of Ipanema and seen some flesh exposed that SHOULD HAVE STAYED HIDDEN. I'm not sure if this was the time she collected $225...

Hillary on Kardasanigan Show
by: Merle Widmer's PEORIA WATCH ~ 2 days, 1 hr ago.
That figures. The show and Hillary are of the same ilk. When surfing, if I com across "that stupid show", I zip right past that station. The show is 98% crap and Hillary is the perfect fit to be invited to further d...

Sure, Trump Finally Used a Teleprompter
by: Merle Widmer's PEORIA WATCH ~ 2 days, 2 hrs ago.
Hillary really didn't need one. Her lies are memorized. Trump and his speech writers did a "helluva" great job. His supporters hustled him off the stage and away from liberal left-wing reporters.Great job, Mr. T...

Thieves steal wedding dresses
by: Peoria Pundit ~ 2 days, 9 hrs ago.
 Someone broke into a storage shed at DeJure Formal Wear, 3204 N. University, and stole $16,00 worth of wedding dresses and shoes and an additional $15,000 in lighting. Then the thief of someone who knows him o...

Fat lotta good those dogs did her
by: Peoria Pundit ~ 2 days, 9 hrs ago.
 A woman got a call from animal control that her dogs were running around outside her home in the 2100 block of North Central. She is positive the digs were inside her home when she left. She returned to her ho...

Clothes horse busted for retail theft at the mall
by: Peoria Pundit ~ 2 days, 9 hrs ago.
 An 18-year-old woman was arrested Thursday and charged with the theft of $1,073.98 worth of clothing from JC Penny at Northwoods Mall. That’s like, what? Two pairs of pants and a bra? We’re talking...

Our Disastrously Growing Nation Debt
by: Merle Widmer's PEORIA WATCH ~ 3 days, 5 hrs ago.
Our National Debt rose $237 Billion in the last 22 days. The Atlantic says Clinton has already broke her pledge of "No more increase in debt". The Treasury estimates the national Debt will rise 9 Trillion under Hill...

Even if Trump loses, he could win
by: Peoria Pundit ~ 3 days, 5 hrs ago.
An excerpt from AlterNet:Famed journalist Carl Bernstein signed on to rumors that Donald Trump is planning on launching a media empire of his own should he lose the November election, adding he fears “a real n...

So, America is having it’s Hitler moment
by: Peoria Pundit ~ 3 days, 6 hrs ago.
And it looks like were going to pass. I shudder to think of Trump running during an economic downturn, or during some terrorist attack. Even freedom-loving Americans make bad decisions when they are frightened. &nb...

Islamic Political Contributions
by: Merle Widmer's PEORIA WATCH ~ 3 days, 6 hrs ago.
Clinton leads in KNOWN contributions with $41,000.00.  The next top 10 politicians to so far receive contributions from Islamic groups are all Democrats..No surprise. Remember, Muslims exceed white birthrates b...

Let’s face it … Hillary is sorta nasty (but far less nasty than Trump)
by: Peoria Pundit ~ 3 days, 6 hrs ago.
You know all these stories based in WikiLeaks about how Hillary Clinton tells one thing to rich bankers and other things to voters?If Hillary were running against a normal Republican opponent, these emails would des...

Trick-or-treat with the Peoria Police
by: Peoria Pundit ~ 3 days, 7 hrs ago.

Woman loses lodgings over noodles
by: Peoria Pundit ~ 3 days, 8 hrs ago.
 She cooked some noodles for himself, but not for the guy she was living with. For this crime, he forced her out of his home in the 1400 block of South Western. She found a place to stay at her uncle’s......

Ask Peoria Station
by: Peoria Station ~ 3 days, 9 hrs ago.
It is well past time for another “Ask Peoria Station.” Feel free to ask any transportation related question. As always, if I don’t know the answer, I’ll find one.– David P. Jordan......

Will I Support Hillary As President?
by: Merle Widmer's PEORIA WATCH ~ 4 days ago.
That is a "horrifying thought". Someone who will double the efforts to make this a Socialist nation?Absolutely not.......

Last and Final Debate - No Winner As Most Voters Had Already Made Up Their Minds
by: Merle Widmer's PEORIA WATCH ~ 4 days ago.
Yes, although those polled had already made up their minds, some fence-sitters probably now have made up their minds. The liberal media will make 'hash' of the Donald tomorrow on his closing statement, "I wi...

Chicago, Il. May be the Most Crime Ridden and Corrupt City in Our Nation
by: Merle Widmer's PEORIA WATCH ~ 5 days ago.
Chicago has 50 Aldermen. ALL OF THEM ARE DEMOCRATS.And "people" want to elect another corrupt PRESIDENT OF THE UNITED STATES OF AMERICA.Are we becoming just another ruined country in this once beautiful planet? Are ...

Scaming - How it is Done
by: Merle Widmer's PEORIA WATCH ~ 6 days ago.
Pause Seek 00:0000:40 iVolume CCHQFull ScreenPolice Bust Phoney IRS Call Centers Recommended for you: 5% Off iTunes Gift Cards | | Sponsored These scammers had called me so many ti...

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