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Ray LaHood - JS Quotes in Editorial on 11/13/15
by: Merle Widmer's PEORIA WATCH ~ 21 hrs. ago.
"Remains Fond of Obama". Interesting. I guess because Ray pushed for $800 million for a new highway to Chicago and then settled on $400 million for making Rt.29 a four laner', neither one that could be justified...

More Peoria-centric news from Peoria’s one and only daily newspaper of record
by: Peoria Pundit ~ 1 day, 0 hrs. ago.
 More nonsense:List of area stores opening for Thanksgiving and Black Friday sales. I refuse to link to this story. Sorry. Look for it yourself. Or, if you want use it as a list of stores you REFUSE to shop at....

Wasted money, inflated grades
by: Peoria Story ~ 1 day, 16 hrs. ago.
PEORIA, IL --  The Peoria District 150 School Board heard activist Terry Knapp criticize wasted money in his comments at the Nov. 23 board meeting. &...

Passenger Trains of Peoria Part II
by: Peoria Station ~ 1 day, 20 hrs. ago.
Part II of my article on Peoria’s passenger train history is now available. A copy can be ordered here.– David P. Jordan......

Keokuk Junction Rwy. Monster Pipe Train!
by: Peoria Station ~ 1 day, 20 hrs. ago.
The Keokuk Junction Railway ran a monster unit steel pipe train from Mapleton to LaHarpe on Sunday and Monday.I caught it this morning as it sat just east of Smithfield. Reportedly, the train ran Sunday and tie...

It just boggles my mind
by: Peoria Pundit ~ 1 day, 21 hrs. ago.
The number of news outlets are increasing, thanks to the Web — think Gawker, the Huffington Post. But reporters are being fired all over the place, and there’s no where for them to work. Too damn ma...

From ESPN sports writer to shoe shine boy
by: Peoria Pundit ~ 1 day, 24 hrs. ago.
From the “been there, done that” file;For the bulk of his professional life, Jeff Bradley has spent his summers at a Major League ballpark. He had high-profile beats covering baseball for ESPN The Magazi...

A modest proposal ….
by: Peoria Pundit ~ 2 days, 0 hrs. ago.
Rival gangs shoot is out in New Orleans? That’s it, we must shut down black churches if even only 0.001 percent of blacks behave this way.Why not? That’s the standard set by the GOP when they restrict Sy...

3rd Encounter This Month with MPECL!
by: Peoria Station ~ 4 days ago.
Union Pacific 4057 and 4865 pulled 61 cars out of Adams Street Yard on the far south edge of Peoria this afternoon. Running as MPECL (Manifest, PEoria IL to CLinton IA), I caught it rolling past Akron Services’...

Interesting news release
by: Peoria Story ~ 5 days ago.
PEORIA, IL -- For those who have lost faith in traditional medicine, here's a fascinating news release: < ;span style...

Very little Peoria-centric newsiness in Peoria news media today
by: Peoria Pundit ~ 6 days ago.
Every day, I link to stories in Peoria media that are actually about Peoria … not outlying communities with middle-class or upper class white residents the Journal Star and the broadcasters are trying to lure ...

Katy Perry will convert our youth to SATAN!
by: Peoria Pundit ~ 6 days ago.
Or so says this hysterical preacher.I don’t know about that. Her lip synced, Autotuned music is pretty Satanic. The rest of her is heavenly:......

More nuggets of newsiness from Peoria media
by: Peoria Pundit ~ 6 days ago.
Some more nuggets of newsiness from Peoria’s news media: Loaded gun stolen from car in Peoria Lowe’s parking lot (PJS) Norwood’s only police officer resigns, ending dispute over department (PJS): ...

Ask Peoria Station
by: Peoria Station ~ 1 week, 1 day ago.
Time for some Q & A. Ask any transportation/industry-related question. As always, if I don’t know the answer to your question, I’ll find an answer.– David P. Jordan......

McCain says ‘nyet’ to religion test for refugees
by: Peoria Pundit ~ 1 week, 1 day ago.
I like Sen John McCain. He has no use for the bullsh*t some members of his party have been spewing:Sen. John McCain (R-Ariz.) on Tuesday panned the idea of favoring Christian refugees from Syria over Muslims, delive...

Wasting $14,000
by: Peoria Story ~ 1 week, 1 day ago.
PEORIA, IL -- A special Peoria District 150 School Board meeting on Nov. 16 to discuss raising taxes generated  public comments discussing hiring a s...

Some tiny bits of newsiness from Peoria media
by: Peoria Pundit ~ 1 week, 1 day ago.
Some news McNuggets from Peoria media:Plaintiff Terow Wiley won’t sign $11,000 settlement for mistaken police raid (PJS): All the cops did was raid his home for no reason, handcuffed his wife and him whil...

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