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Peoria Blogs - Peoria, IL

Peoria Blogs - Peoria, IL

Peoria Blogging Around Town - Peoria blog feeds from the most popular Peoria Illinois blogs around town.

FOMO vs. KIMO - I Know I Missed Out
by: Writing - It's My Thing ~ 1 day, 1 hr ago.
So, you know about FOMO, right? FOMO is Fear of Missing Out. It's like when you go to Facebook and you see all the seemingly amazing things everyone else is doing and you wish you were doing them too and you ba...

O. J. To Be Released From Prison in October
by: Merle Widmer's PEORIA WATCH ~ 1 day, 3 hrs ago.
Parole Board did what they probably had to do by law. Perhaps he will then make some money to pay the millions owed in the Civil Suit he lost to the families of the people he allegedly murder.ALLEGEDLY    ...

PIA – A History: Air Service, 1932-1937
by: Peoria Station ~ 1 day, 21 hrs ago.
The last installment covered the air mail fiasco, which actually prompted airlines to place greater emphasis on passengers but also led to greater federal regulation. Now it is time to analyze commercial airline ser...

by: Peoria Historian ~ 2 days, 6 hrs ago.
       ;     &nbs p;     &nb sp;     &n bsp;    NORMAN   V.  KELLY President Woo...

by: Peoria Historian ~ 2 days, 6 hrs ago.
NORMAN  V.  KELLY 1851:   & nbsp;  THOMAS   BROWN   GEORGE  WILLIAMSTom   Tit  Jordan     Waylaid  Harvey Hewitt185...

by: Peoria Historian ~ 2 days, 6 hrs ago.
       ;     &nbs p; EDWARD  NELSON  WOODRUFF  On This December 21, 2013     & nbsp;   at  6:30 AM  ...

Canadian National Peoria Local July 18, 2017
by: Peoria Station ~ 2 days, 19 hrs ago.
After work this afternoon, I immediately headed for Wesley Road to check on Canadian National’s Peoria Local. I learned that an SD70, still in Illinois Central black, was second unit when the train made i...

Lydia Bradley - Will - 9/8/1892 and Codicil Dated 2/16/1903
by: Merle Widmer's PEORIA WATCH ~ 2 days, 22 hrs ago.
I have a copy, approximately 30 pages, with her signature and signature of witnesses. I find interesting the changes she made in her Codicil and wonder whether the "Bradley Fund" she created was ever fully legally a...

National Lampoon Dated 1972 - "Deteriorata" - Funny, But Sad
by: Merle Widmer's PEORIA WATCH ~ 3 days, 0 hrs ago.
"Go placidly amid the noise and waste, and remember what comfort there may be in owning a piece thereof. Avoid quiet and passive persons unless you are in need of sleep. Rotate your tires. Speak glowing of those gre...

Too many absences?
by: Peoria Story ~ 3 days, 7 hrs ago.
PEORIA, IL -- The Peoria District 150 School Board on July 17 heard a fascinating report from activist Sharon Crews on 7th grade student absences. There are lo...

Public School Air Conditioning
by: Merle Widmer's PEORIA WATCH ~ 3 days, 24 hrs ago.
Wonder why so many people are fearful of the future? No it's not Trump and the "follow the Lemmings Democrats" No, it's air conditioning in public school, No, again, that is just a symptom of the present.No,...

PIA – A History: The “Air Mail Fiasco”
by: Peoria Station ~ 4 days ago.
(Originally posted at peoriastation.com on September 18, 2015)Last time, we covered the development of the existing airfield, originally called “Peoria Airport Inc.” Next, we’ll explore how the Air...

Charity, Etc.
by: Merle Widmer's PEORIA WATCH ~ 4 days ago.
all postsWEDNESDAY, MARCH 04, 2009Charitable ContributionsIf you are like my wife and and receive about 800 requests for funds or renew our memberships like the one just received from WTVP, you wonder where all that...

Abortion - A Subject I Seldom Blog About.
by: Merle Widmer's PEORIA WATCH ~ 4 days ago.
Latest clamor for preventing a baby be born comes from Ex-Peoria Mayor Lowell  "Bud" Grieves. His term or terms were not favorably memorable.  I doubt whether Bud has spent much time with pregnant teenager...

Marijuana Deal Goes Bad- Four Young Men Are Dead - Two Alleged Killers Face Long Prison Terms
by: Merle Widmer's PEORIA WATCH ~ 4 days ago.
While hndreds of thousands of mainly young people are dead or in jail from deals going bad, robberies, shootings, killing and maiming, our politicians turn a dead ear on legalizing the growing and use of this ILLEGA...

Check your dehumidifier NOW
by: Peoria Story ~ 4 days ago.
PEORIA, IL -- If you have a dehumidifier check it today to see if it is one of millions being recalled because they burst into flames! r...

PIA – A History: Peoria Airport Inc.
by: Peoria Station ~ 5 days ago.
(In the previous installment, we covered Big Hollow Airport, which operated from 1926 to 1931.)Big Hollow Airport was inadequate from the start. Excessive rainfall in May 1927 created bumps, making landing and takeo...

An Afternoon at Central Illinois Reg. Airport
by: Peoria Station ~ 6 days ago.
I spent Friday afternoon and early evening shooting video of airliner arrivals and departures at Central Illinois Regional Airport.The airport serving Bloomington-Normal has far less activity than Peoria's facil...

Nonnie Darwish - A Brave and Brilliant Historical Author
by: Merle Widmer's PEORIA WATCH ~ 1 week, 0 days ago.
I have written many blogs about the the influx of Muslims who bear more children by at least a three to one margin over Caucasians. This brilliant and brave author has written 2 books that are a must read for people...

Lobbyists - Too Many in Both the Private Sector and Governement
by: Merle Widmer's PEORIA WATCH ~ 1 week, 0 days ago.
Yes, governmental bodies have lobbyists. When I was on the County Board, the county and the City shared the lobbyists cost. I was the only NO vote. Way back when, a LTE I wrote, was published in the JS entitled, "Ou...

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