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My Account Community Agreement (PDC) is a local gathering place for neighbors in the Peoria area.
If you follow the goal of "Keeping Friendly," you should have no problem fitting in the with crowd!

Keep Friendly:
A Couple Guidelines:
  • No insults, name calling, or inflammatory comments intended to start a fight. Refrain from posting personal attacks or grievances publicly. Avoid broad negative generalizations about other members.
  • If many people might interpret a message or picture as racist, bigoted or sexist, please refrain from posting it.
  • Don't pretend to be someone else, or post under several usernames.
  • Never post personal information without permission, either publicly or in private messages.
  • No "stalking behavior," including: following a member from one discussion thread to another while criticizing him/her; following someone into another thread and trying to continue a disagreement that began elsewhere; disparaging an individual in a thread where that person is not participating.
  • Debate can be lively, but must remain civil and respectful.
  • Keep the forums clean: messages that are too crude may get deleted. Don't post sexually explicit or violent pictures.
  • No business solicitations on the forums, please.
  • "Keep PDC Friendly" applies to all participation on the site, including private messages.
Moderators have the final word on forum decisions. Any message that we feel doesn't keep the PDC forums friendly and inviting for others, may be removed or locked by moderators. We are willing to discuss disputes in a calm manner, but publicly attacking a moderator, or intentionally undermining a moderator's actions, will get your account locked.

Hey, What About Free Speech? is a privately owned web site, which means we can and do restrict certain conversations on the forums. We do this with the goal of keeping a friendly and inviting place for most residents of Peoria. Just like you couldn't curse at church, or use racial slurs at Disney World, without getting kicked out; we have set certain reasonable limits on members in order to participate. This generally means making sure your messages are friendly and respectful of others. The Internet is a big place, and there are many web sites where all types of controversial and inflammatory discussions are allowed, but PDC is not one of them.

*YOUR* Help Is Needed:
There are three ways you can help:
  • Contact us if you'd like to volunteer as a PDC moderator.
  • Use the :keeppdcfriendly: emoticon in your messages to remind others to "Keep PDC Friendly" when trouble arises.
  • Click the gray flag icon at the bottom of a message if you think it breaks the spirit of "Keeping PDC Friendly"

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