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Got a News Tip? We want to hear from you!

Examples: We're Looking For...

We're always looking for breaking LOCAL ( Peoria ) news related to:

  • Local Robberies
  • Major Traffic Accidents
  • Car Break-Ins
  • Suspicious Activities
  • Local Crime Issues
  • Big Local News Stories

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How To Post a News Tip:

If you have the inside scoop, please post it to the forums.
News tips will remain anonymous (only your username will be shown, not your real name).
If your info is especially sensitive, send us the info through private chat on our Facebook page.

We'll Get The Word Out!

After posting your info, we'll use our influence as, to make sure the info is seen by hundreds or thousands of others in the Peoria area.

Your Help Is Important and Valuable To Your Neighbors

We need active local "Citizen Reporters" like you to share news information, and help keep the community connected and informed!

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