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Don't you hate it when you get some money, and suddenly all your friends want to rob you - Peoria

Don't you hate it when you get some money, and suddenly all your friends want to rob you - Peoria

By: Billy Dennis
Published: Mar 27, 2016, 11:07am

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  • A man was given an insurance check for $1,300 and he celebrated with a beer with a friend, who decided to let him stay at his place in the 2200 block of North Gale while he went to Chicago to buy drugs. About three minutes after his "friend' left for Chicago, the place was robbed by a man with a very long gun. It was then the man knew he was being set up. So he grabs the gun and tosses it away while his girlfriend -- who was hit during the struggle -- escapes and calls cops. So the robber runs off without the money and the guy wanders back to where he had been staying -- the Friendship House, 1509 N. Knoxville. Meanwhile, he lost his phone during the struggle and he couldn't locate his girlfriend. It turns out she was at the Circle K on North University, and was taken to the hospital with injuries to her lip and her head. And the money from the insurance check? She had it in her purse.
  • A woman was injured in a fight with four men in a car who confronted them behind the Peoria Public Library, 107 NE Monroe.
  • Someone stole two televisions, an XBox 360 console, a Playstation console and a Wii console from a one in the 1100 block of West George.
  • Someone ripped off a City Wide Cab driver for a a ride to Parkview Estates, building V, 240o block of North Gale.
  • Her former boyfriend and baby daddy has been sending her threatening text messages, like "Imma get Bitch" and "I'm glad ur mom is dead" Your mom is gonna be dead too." Naturally, police are unamused and will arrest this drunk as soon as they get him.
  • A woman who says at the Salvation Army, 417 NE Adams, says a worker sprayed her with Odorban. The worker denies this.
  • A police officer arrived at a party at a vacant house in the 1700 block of North Missouri to find a large group of juveniles running out.
  • A 26-year-old man was arrested Saturday and charged with resisting arrest in the 1100 block of North Garfied.

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