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Review: Non much for non-nerds to enjoy in this mess of a movie - Peoria

Review: Non much for non-nerds to enjoy in this mess of a movie - Peoria

By: Billy Dennis
Published: Mar 25, 2016, 2:37pm

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If you are a superhero fan, go see Batman V. Superman: Dawn of Justice. If you're not, don't bother. Your universe will progress nicely not seeing this piece of crap.

I'm a superhero guy, and much more of a DC man that a Marvel man. I went two years without buying a Marvel Comic. Quite happy years, I might add.

So, i was rooting for this movie.Seriously, I wanted it to succeed just because if would be a slap in the face to Marvel.

But what they did was give director Zack Snyder a 2 hour, 33 minute long time frame to pack as many scenes and dialog stolen directly from a dozen individual comic books into this movie. I'm telling you, I could quote lines of dialog from "The Dark Knight" and "The Death of Superman."

Yeah, that's right: Spoiler. They. Kill. Off. Superman. If he stays dead 15 minutes into the upcoming Justice League movie, I'll eat my cowl.

If they wanted to do a movie with scenes from "The Dark Knight," they should have JUST FILMED THE DARK KNIGHT. It would have made a better movie.

And Wonder Woman was in this movie. Why? Well, to sell the upcoming Wonder Woman movie. Which is set in World War I. Not World War II which everyone knows. It certainly wasn't to advance the plot, since all she did in this movie was take part in the climactic battle with Doomsday. And chat with Batman about forming the Justice League.n the next movie.

And Lex Luthor wants to kill Superman. Why? Because his father was mean to him and Luthor, therefore, doesn't like people posing as God. Here's an idea: Do a movie where Lex Luthor is NOT the villain of the piece, or at least a guy who suits up in the end and fights with the good guys. It would shock the Hell out of movie goers.

And the special effects? Apparently, Snyder thinks superheroes cannot fart without demolishing vast swaths or urban landscape. No wonder the ordinary humans of this movie are so pissed off at Superman.

There was a preview for the upcoming Captain America: Civil War. Apparently, this movie will touch on some of the same theses. No doubt Marvel will do a better job.
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