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Re: Taco pizza in Peoria.
posted: 3 mins., 21 secs ago by ChrisM
"@wall7325 : We like Godfather's too....but you have to remember to buy a bag of taco chips to put on top! Thanks!..."
Re: Taco pizza in Peoria.
posted: 4 mins ago by ChrisM
"@Aradia13 : That's what we usually get, just trying to find a place we haven't heard of that rocks the taco pizza. Thanks!..."
Re: What shows & movies are you watching?
posted: 23 mins ago by Patrick710
"Fortitude is a British show I just finished watching recently. 2 full seasons and a short, 4 episode, season 3. S1 has Stanley Tucci. S2+3 is Dennis Quaid. It takes place in a fictional town in Iceland with 700 residents and 3000 polar bears. A frozen wooly mammoth is found with a parasite that causes the infected to commit acts of extreme violence. S1 and S2 are on Amazon Prime...."
Re: Taco pizza in Peoria.
posted: 26 mins ago by wall7325
"Godfathers Pizza..."
Re: What shows & movies are you watching?
posted: 27 mins ago by Aradia13
"I'm watching: NCIS NCIS: NOLA Bull Leah Remini/Aftermath of Scientology GoT Outlander New Amsterdam The Crown Stranger Things Ozark Victoria on Masterpiece..."
Re: UFO's - Ever See One?
posted: 31 mins ago by craftywoman
"I have not seen any UFO's..but I have seen many ghosts......"
Re: Taco pizza in Peoria.
posted: 33 mins ago by Aradia13
Taco pizza in Peoria.
posted: 39 mins ago by ChrisM
"Taco pizza in Peoria. Who has the best taco pizza in Peoria? We grew up with Happy Joe's, and haven't really found one as good as that. Anybody have suggestions on Peoria's best?..."
Want to park in my driveway?
posted: 47 mins ago by EyeintheSky
"Want to park in my driveway? https:// www.peoria.com/message_bo ard/forumimgs/Peoria71144 984683.jpg ht tps://www.peoria.com/mess age_board/forumimgs/Peori a974030883683.jpg We had an issue 2 years ago with a chunk sliding off of the roof. This year we get this the property company told roofer to go over the box gutters they were supposed to have gutter guys come and fix. Well, as you can see that didn't happen...."
Re: Fixed my cars audio amp. Had a horrible buzz in my audio sys
posted: 1 hr ago by EyeintheSky
"May have to follow your lead I got an old scanner that needs the power plug resoldered to the board. I tried once but bad hand day so gave up may try again...."
Re: UFO's - Ever See One?
posted: 1 hr ago by HipKat
"@mypeez : I love that scene. I saw this movie at the theater when it came out and this scene was the preview you'd see in the commercials. I might have to go watch this later. I have it on DVR..."
Re: What shows & movies are you watching?
posted: 1 hr, 1 min ago by HipKat
"HipKat : I haven't missed an episode since it first came on. Sad to see this is the last season. I'm also into the other Super hero type shows: Supergirl, The Flash, Black Lightning; Also the new thriller mystery Manifest. For sci-fi comedy, it's The Orville. And when it comes back in March (Hopefully), Agents of Shield. @Denni sinMH : I haven't either. It IS sad. Watching the characters develop over the years has been fantastic..."

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