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Fish House - Peoria Restaurants

Fish House: 4919 N University, Peoria
Phone: 309-691-9358
Categories for Fish House: Seafood, Steaks
Restaurant Rating - Fish House:   ( 9 ratings / reviews )
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Reviewed by Morgan on 11/28/2012.
Member since: November 2012.
Love the au gratin potatoes, anyone have the recipe?
Reviewed by lmpsevenAte on 09/17/2012.
Member since: September 2012.
I clearly had a very different experience with this restaurant! There were 4 diners in my party and 3 of us had shrimp. The shrimp was very rubbery and overdone and the rest of the dish was just average but completely flavorless. Not worth the money at all. When our server asked how our meal was we were honest with her but made no demands to recook or alter the bill. She defended the food in spite of our dissatisfaction but alerted her manager so she said, however we never saw or spoke with any member of management. Very unhappy with my experience!
Reviewed by rradema9 on 02/05/2012.
Member since: February 2012.
It was great just the right amount of food didnt feel stuffed.We even had room for dessert. Food and drinks great. Bartender turned us on to Fat tire beer. It was great. Will return again. Thanks
Reviewed by mypeez on 10/31/2010.
Member since: April 2009.
I like it, but have to question the cramped location for parking and declining neighborhood. All things being equal, I think Jonanh's is a better choice.
Reviewed by Msgem on 11/14/2009.
Member since: July 2007.
Daughter & I went to the Fish House last night and really enjoyed it and said we would go back ! Service was outstanding. Loved the au gratin potatoes were some of the best I have had.
Reviewed by bwiser on 06/13/2008.
Member since: June 2008.
The best!!!!
Reviewed by PeoriaPeepers on 05/23/2008.
Member since: March 2007.
I've never had a bad visit to the Fish House. The seafood is great, and the steaks are good, too, as my husband is not a big seafood fan. The decor is a little dark, with lots of wood, but I like the cozy atmosphere it lends. We've always had good service here, too.
Reviewed by lanestar7 on 05/12/2008.
Member since: October 2007.
My very favorite restaurant in Peoria. The food is so good every single time that I will go whenever the opportunity arises. The crab legs, prawn and sea bass are the number one choices but everything is good even the steaks. The servers are great, especially in the bar. The au gratin potatoes are to die for! The fresh rolls are so tasty. One tiny little drawback are the boring iceberg lettuce salads but it's fine because it leaves more room for the main dish! It is really dark and a little old fashioned inside but I like it because I think it keeps it from getting too trendy and overrun with yuppies.
* Google Map: Always call to verify most current address/location for Fish House before leaving the home or office.
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