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Mi Familia - Peoria Restaurants

Mi Familia: 2007 N Wisconsin Ave, Peoria
Phone: 309-685-8477
Categories for Mi Familia: Mexican
Restaurant Rating - Mi Familia:   ( 4 ratings / reviews )
Food Atmosphere Service Value

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Reviewed by meanjarhead on 07/07/2012.
Member since: August 2011.
For the love of Christ go here and eat. you will love it.
Reviewed by missie72 on 04/29/2012.
Member since: April 2012.
real mexican food and it taste great
Reviewed by angela on 02/19/2009.
Member since: February 2009.
Only authentic Mexican in Peoria. Almost everyone here is Latino, and most are eating tortas. You must try them. The salsa is traditional and fresh. The horchata is excellent. Their chilaquiles are great, but the spiciest ever! Next door they have a mexican grocer with a great meat counter; bring a spanish speaker with you.
Reviewed by TJ11 on 05/03/2008.
Member since: May 2008.
Hidden Mexican Favorite - Also known as La Familia, this is easily my favorite Mexican restaurant. They serve more authentic Mexican style food. I ussually get the steak taco dinner. Tacos are served with fresh cilantro which is unusual compared to other mexican restaurants around here. Sometimes I get a combination 46 which includes a steak sope, taco and enchilada. Both of these dinners include beans and rice. If you're driving by and don't know where it is, you'll probably miss it. They don't have much of a sign. Its across from the old Little Chef, if any of you remember that place.
* Google Map: Always call to verify most current address/location for Mi Familia before leaving the home or office.
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