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Johnny's Italian Steakhouse - Peoria Restaurants

Johnny's Italian Steakhouse: Holiday Street, East Peoria
Categories for Johnny's Italian Steakhouse: Italian, Steaks
$$$$ (4/5)
Restaurant Rating - Johnny's Italian Steakhouse:   ( 19 ratings / reviews )
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Reviewed by Chef Kevin on 05/28/2014.
Member since: January 2007.
Closed this location and now are in East Peoria on Holiday Street in the new downtown area.
Reviewed by veggiegirl on 06/28/2011.
Member since: June 2011.
I am a vegetarian (in case you couldn't tell by my screen name!) so when my boyfriend wanted to take me to Johnny's I was apprehensive to say the least. I made him call to see if they had dead animals on the walls. The joke became that the only dead animals were the singers they had photos of. I was AMAZED at the food. The quality and taste, and the vegetarian offerings. I was not offended being in there, and in fact, it doesn't smell like your traditional steak house. I loved the food and the experience and want to go back whenever we can!
Reviewed by JeepPilot on 01/17/2011.
Member since: March 2008.
Johnnies is one of my top choices in Peoria for the food. Must-haves are the Chanell number 5 and the Steak Sinatra. The service is hit or miss. It seems that either we get a server who does not care and leaves dirty plates on the table through the whole meal, no offer to refill drinks or bring another cocktail, etc) or we have the polar opposite with attentive staff, everything taken care of down to the last detail as if we were VIP's.
Reviewed by 5stardelicious on 01/09/2011.
Member since: January 2011.
A little Pricy, but the fun atmosphere and 5 STAR DELICIOUS FOOD take the cake when it comes to dining in Peoria. :)
Reviewed by mypeez on 10/31/2010.
Member since: April 2009.
Started out great 4 or 5 years ago, but have steadily declined since. Will not go anymore! Last two times this past year we were served cold food and had the worst service, second only to Bar Louie. Can anything survive at this mall? What a waste of a great building, sad!
Reviewed by KrBlndgrl on 09/30/2010.
Member since: September 2010.
For a place of such expense, this should be no less than 4.0 in all catergories, however sadly enough it lacks especially in the value catergory. Enough food for some, but not enough for all. Excellent taste though! Service is average and it's a very elegant place to spend an evening eating and drinking cocktails.
Reviewed by civilone101 on 03/08/2009.
Member since: March 2009.
Was there toward the end of summer. Bad bad sevice for a place as pricy. Was with a group of about 7 or 8 so i expected a mishap or 2 but there was noone in the restaurant when we went. Food was not hot, orders messed up, drinks not filled. Very pretty decor though.
Reviewed by worldtravelers on 08/23/2008.
Member since: August 2008.
No that impressed--watch the cooking show on New 25 and I don't think that they serve what they show on TV. Not worth going back.
Reviewed by Livinlife24 on 06/14/2008.
Member since: February 2008.
Great for special occasions but I dont think I would go there for any old thing. Only one thing i really could eat on the menu was spaghetti but the atmosphere was wonderful and kinda romantic
Reviewed by strawberry on 06/11/2008.
Member since: June 2008.
I have only dined here once, on my anniversary, and I realized that it was a mistake to pick a new restaurant on our first anniversary. The restaurant was beautiful with the interior design, and the lights dimmed, and the servers dressed formally, everything to create that romantic and sophisticated setting. We were sat at a table in the bar area,(there were few other diners, it was a Tuesday?), the bartender dropped some bottles and an employee off for the evening was demonstrating her presentation of dress changes for a fashion show? -- I wish we had been sat further in the restaurant, no chance of romance or privacy listening to all of this! As mentioned previously, the servers were dressed formally, hair combed and/or contained, fitting clothes, and everything tucked in. Unlike all the others, our server looked extremely untidy and unwashed. The appetizer was delicious, scallops in shell, the salads followed. We sat for a little while, with empty drinks, then our steaks came. I asked for a medium steak, it was rare. The waiter took it back to have them cook it longer. He brought the steak back a little over 5 minutes later. It was rare/medium rare, but I was just going to eat it. With the 1st bite of my filet mignon, I hit a large piece of tendon in the meat (quality?). I was done with that steak! I also tried to eat the asparagus I ordered with it, but it was so uncooked, my knife bounced off of it (I do not mean aldente, I mean hard/nearly raw). It was my anniversary, so I didn't want to complain, but the server noticed I did eat my food, and saw the steak still wasn't correct. The manger did void the dinner and apologized for the food. I will not take my chance at this restaurant again. I'll get a better steak by grilling it at home.
Reviewed by Msgem on 03/26/2008.
Member since: July 2007.
I had the occasion to celebrate a friends birthday today over lunch at Johnny's Italian Steakhouse. It was delicious and the server was excellent. I had been there afew years for my birthday but that was a evening meal and just as good so I was very interested to see if the lunch would equal that as it does.
Reviewed by Chef Kevin on 03/24/2008.
Member since: January 2007.
I've been to Johnny's twice. I have had nothing but wonderful service and love the atmosphere. Once the food was on the lukewarm side, the other time wonderfully hot. My big gripe with Johnny's is while I believe their food prices are fair, the wine prices by the bottle are exorbitantly high.
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