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Thanh Linh - Peoria Restaurants

Thanh Linh: 1233 N Main St, Peoria
Phone: 309-495-0179
Categories for Thanh Linh: Asian / Chinese, Other Ethnic Foods
Restaurant Rating - Thanh Linh:   ( 14 ratings / reviews )
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Reviewed by RCCSoldat44 on 01/15/2013.
Member since: January 2013.
One of our favorite places. Food is outstanding and authentic. Staff is friendly and helpful. Limited seating. Shrimp and Pork spring rolls are fantastic!
Response from raindove on 01/04/2014.
they have moved to the other end of the same building much larger now :)
Reviewed by raindovewmn41 on 12/07/2012.
Member since: December 2012.
Love the food here I go every week sometimes more.
Reviewed by angela on 02/19/2009.
Member since: February 2009.
Dumplings on the buffet alone make it worthwhile. Too bad we can't get a restaurant around here to serve dim sum. The noodle dishes here are great, as are the soups. Great combination of traditional vietnamese flavours.
Response from bdawg on 07/23/2012.
I "second" the motion for dim sum in peoria!!!
Reviewed by bdawg on 07/23/2012.
Member since: July 2012.
Light airy fried rice with a hint of curry very nice,however the pork in my rice, (super thin strips way overdone/dry.)Pad Thai somewhat sweet and boring for my taste..the addition of pea pods and pepper strips would be nice.spicy lemongrass chicke n good yet lacking of lemongrass.I did enjoy my meal,and look forward to exploring more of their interesting menu! Large servings.Soup bowls passing our table looked good!
Reviewed by NCam716 on 12/04/2009.
Member since: December 2009.
Thanh linh is my go to place when I crave the wonderful flavors of traditional Asian cuisine. Nothing like the Americanized nonsense that they serve at most Chinese restaurants, these are authentic dishes prepared with fresh ingredients that totally transport me to a different place. Whether it's the fabulous lunch buffet spread (featuring what I believe to be the best egg rolls to be found in the area), the traditional Vietnamese noodle soup Pho, or the chicken curry that is reminiscent of the dish my Japanese grandmother made for me when I was younger, everything I try at Thanh Linh appeals to my zeal for this style of cooking. Although a little small on the inside, there is nothing small about the huge flavors and great value of the enormous portions. A must-see for anyone who professes to enjoy Asian cuisine.
Reviewed by beelzebozo on 05/16/2009.
Member since: May 2009.
I went back for lunch the other day. This is a popular little place. It was packed, and people were more than willing to wait for a table to open up. I would say that's a pretty good sign. This time, instead of going for the lunch buffet, I decided to order off the menu. My girlfriend and I started with an order of crabmeat rangoon. They were awesome. For my entree, I tried the red curry (bamboo, green & red pepper, with basil and coconut milk). You can order the curry dishes with pork, chicken, beef, shrimp, or tofu. I went with the tofu. It was delicious! They give you a HUGE bowl. For $8.50, it was a great value! I also tried the iced Vietnamese white coffee (with condensed milk). It was a bit smaller than I expected, but it was really, really good. This is one of my favorite restautants now. I wish I had tried it sooner!
Reviewed by beelzebozo on 05/08/2009.
Member since: May 2009.
The lunch buffet was great. Good value, good service, good food! Looking forward to trying one of the curries and a Vietnamese iced coffee next time.
Reviewed by bee3 on 01/24/2009.
Member since: January 2009.
I didn't like Tahn Lin. Their "lunch buffet" consists of 2 kinds of rice and a couple pans of things like egg rolls, crab rangoon & sweet and sour chicken... And it was cramped in the tiny restaurant...
Reviewed by ScottK4370 on 07/03/2008.
Member since: July 2008.
Another of our favorite lunch haunts. Consistently good buffet at lunch, though they could try mixing up what they offer.
Reviewed by PeoriaPeepers on 05/21/2008.
Member since: March 2007.
We normally only have the lunch buffet at Thanh Linh, but the food is good at a reasonable price, and the service is good. They have recently remodeled, and it's a great improvement.
Reviewed by mistergreen60 on 05/13/2008.
Member since: December 2007.
I love the food from Thanh Linh. However, I normally just get take out and eat it at home because of the atmosphere and service. However, the food is the best Asian food I've had in Peoria.
Reviewed by lanestar7 on 05/12/2008.
Member since: October 2007.
Great food in a little tiny space. The lunch buffet is delicious for a decent price. I think it was maybe $7 the last time we were there. there is no waiting room though so lots of times there are people standing around the tables kind of watching you eat. But take out solves that problem.
* Google Map: Always call to verify most current address/location for Thanh Linh before leaving the home or office.
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