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Sushigawa Sushi / Teriyaki Japanese Restaurant - Peoria Restaurants

Sushigawa Sushi / Teriyaki Japanese Restaurant: 2601 W Lake Ave, Peoria
Phone: 309-679-9300
Categories for Sushigawa Sushi / Teriyaki Japanese Restaurant: Asian / Chinese
Restaurant Rating - Sushigawa Sushi / Teriyaki Japanese Restaurant:   ( 4 ratings / reviews )
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Reviewed by angela on 02/22/2009.
Member since: February 2009.
We ate here last night with our three children. There is always a wait, so be prepared. We had an assortment of sushi, raw and cooked, a steak teriyaki combo, seaweed salad, assorted tempuras, and green tea. The tea was very good quality and tasted of rice, like a genmai cha. The food was delicious and fresh. We only had one problem; the sweet potato tempura was undercooked, which made it hard and starchy. The place was sparkling clean, and we were there late so we saw the sushi chefs scrub down their work space from top to bottom, dismantling the entire thing. Instead of stale fortune cookies, the check came with suckers in assorted sushi shapes for our children. They were thrilled.
Reviewed by lanestar7 on 03/27/2008.
Member since: October 2007.
The better of the two sushi places in Peoria. Delicious and fresh fish. Great service. Slightly high priced but with hardly no competition thats what we get. Highly recommend this place to anyone not sure about sushi. You can get cooked varieties or mixed half raw, half cooked. It's a little too small in there especially on weekends. Also they close really early! 9pm on weekends?????
* Google Map: Always call to verify most current address/location for Sushigawa Sushi / Teriyaki Japanese Restaurant before leaving the home or office.
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