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Carnegie's 501 - Peoria Restaurants

Business has Closed
* This restaurant has been reported to
as no longer being in business at this location.
If you believe this information is incorrect, please tell us.

Carnegie's 501: 501 Main St, Peoria
Phone: 309-637-6500
Categories for Carnegie's 501: Fine Dining
Restaurant Rating - Carnegie's 501:   ( 2 ratings / reviews )
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Reviewed by AnneC on 05/28/2014.
Member since: August 2012.
Reviewed by BellaGurl on 11/24/2008.
Member since: November 2008.
They have very good steak and prime rib. The salad bar is nice because you can pick your toppings and everything was fresh, it didn't look days old either. Those were the only things we ordered. You even get chocolate covered strawberries at the end of dinner. (free) Our server was wonderful, so friendly and acted like he wanted to be there. We had a great experience, I would defiantly go back.
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