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Maid Rite '50s Diner - Peoria Restaurants

Maid Rite '50s Diner: 4700 N University St, Peoria
Phone: 309-692-6300
Categories for Maid Rite '50s Diner: American, Cafes / Delis
Restaurant Rating - Maid Rite '50s Diner:   ( 7 ratings / reviews )
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Reviewed by Msgem on 06/24/2008.
Member since: July 2007.
I went there on a recent Sunday with a large group for breakfast and it was delicious, the service was excellent and the waitress had alot of us to take care of. I liked it so well, I returned there the next day for brunch with a friend that was visiting from out of town and that experience was also great !
Reviewed by strawberry on 06/11/2008.
Member since: June 2008.
I love Maid Rite! Where else can you get a Green River or Vanilla Coke, or a loose meat sandwich with a fry and shake, or an open faced sandwich! A large menu, fast and efficient staff, and cleanliness, always enjoyable! The gift center/shop ties in perfectly to the nostaligia on the walls recreating the 50's diner. A unique place for travler's or tourist to eat in Peoria, IL.
Reviewed by ngtybtnice on 05/15/2008.
Member since: April 2008.
At the University address, the food was bad and the service was terrible. Rude. Much prefer the location at Willow Knolls. They have different owners and it shows.
Reviewed by mistergreen60 on 05/13/2008.
Member since: December 2007.
This is a neat place to eat. The owners were on the show the 'bigegst loser' a few years ago. I prefer the maid-rite at Willow Knolls, though- much better atmosphere, more of a diner feel to it.
* Google Map: Always call to verify most current address/location for Maid Rite '50s Diner before leaving the home or office.
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