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Khaki Jack's - Peoria Restaurants

Khaki Jack's: 7221 N Allen Rd, Peoria
Phone: 309-691-8010
Categories for Khaki Jack's: American, Hamburgers, Other Ethnic Foods
Restaurant Rating - Khaki Jack's:   ( 13 ratings / reviews )
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Reviewed by 5stardelicious on 02/24/2011.
Member since: January 2011.
One of Peoria Best kept LITTLE secrets. Try it and you'll like it!
Reviewed by mistergreen60 on 05/13/2008.
Member since: December 2007.
I really love the chicken strips here. They are grilled strips and not breaded- delicious. Ostrich burgers are awesome and the atmosphere and service is also very good.
Response from PeoriaPeepers on 01/28/2010.
Oooo, I forgot about the chicken strips! That's what I always used to get before I got hooked on the tuna sandwich and ostrich burgers.
Reviewed by race91 on 01/28/2010.
Member since: January 2009.
Finally tried it out and liked it a lot. Had an appetizer that was a portabela mushroom with green pepper, onion, and cheese that was amazing! I've also discovered jalapeno bacon, YUM! Food was all fresh and priced good. Atmosphere was....interesting. Not sure if I liked it or if it seemed just thrown together. Underwear on the walls for Valentine's Day was a little weird. Sexy underwear is better on the floor, not the walls. ;-)
Reviewed by mattress on 09/15/2009.
Member since: September 2009.
Great place to eat and hang out! The food is fantastic and the prices are very reasonable. Love the peanuts!
Reviewed by bwiser on 06/13/2008.
Member since: June 2008.
Great burgers and Fosters love the fries
Reviewed by PeoriaPeepers on 05/12/2008.
Member since: March 2007.
Khaki Jack's has great burgers, even an ostrich burger for the health conscious. They also make a good tuna steak sandwich. The service is good, and it's a fun atmosphere.
Reviewed by Msgem on 05/03/2008.
Member since: July 2007.
I always enjoy going there. The food is great as is the service ! I love the bucket of shell peanuts on the table that you can eat to your heart's desire ! The hamburgers are awesome !
* Google Map: Always call to verify most current address/location for Khaki Jack's before leaving the home or office.
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