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Early School Closings on the Forums

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School Closings
Astoria Community #1 Dismissing Early
Avon Community Unit Dist 176 Dismissing 2 hours early
Avon Unit #176 Dismissing Early; 1:30 pm
Bloomington Parking Ban In effect at 3pm
Bridgeway Community Church Student Ministry Canceled
Caterpillar Retiree Club- East Peoria 9am Meeting Canceled Friday
Central Il Stroke Support Group. Trinity Lutheran Church - Canceled
Churchill and Lombard at Rockridge Wrestling has been canceled
Crossroads United Methodist -Washington Evening Activities Cancelled
Farmington #265 Dismissing Early
FIirst Presbyterian - Pekin "Blue" Christmas Prayer Service Canceled
Galesburg School Dist 205 Sophmore Basketball at Westmer has been canceled
Heyworth 4 Closing early
IVC School Dist 321 - Chillicothe No Afternoon Bright Futures Classes
IVC School Dist 2 No afternoon Classes
Leroy School Dismissing Early
Lewistown #97 Dismissing Early
Limestone High School Key Club Anniversary Canceled
Pekin Car Seat Safety Check - 1:00 to 4:00PM Canceled
Peoria - District 150: Knoxville Center & Greeley Schools Early Dismissal - 1:00pm
Peoria Heights Community #325 Dismissing 1 hour early
Pontiac 429 Dismissing at 1:00 pm
Princeville Dist # 326 Dismissing at 2:15 pm
Princeville Public Library After School Program Canceled
Putnam County #535 Dismissing at 2pm
Stark County #100 Dismissing Early
Stone Country in Bartonville Dance Class Canceled
Tremont #702 No Evening Activities
TRI-POINT SCHOOL DIST. 6-J Dismissing at 2:10pm
Tri-Valley 3 Closing Early
Unity Community Center-Normal Closing at 10:00am
YMCA Latchkey - Thomas Jefferson, Woodrow Wilson, Charter Oak, & Kellar Canceled for this Evening

Dec 18, 2008 - 11:11 am
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7.7 yrs ago

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nothing for us yet   its all blue sky up here  go figure  but supose to hit at noon

Dec 18, 2008 - 11:15 am
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7.8 yrs ago

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